Here's How To Stop Financial Stress From Getting In The Way Of Your Work

appearance by Nikki Reed.
It goes without saying that collaboration can be key to a successful project, but our greatest collaborative efforts are really only possible when we can fully devote ourselves to the work we're doing with others — without any distractions.
For Nikki Reed, whose work extends both behind and in front of the camera (and even to her own sustainable, eco-conscious jewelry brand, BaYou With Love), the ability to totally focus on all the different creative partnerships that take place while she’s in the director's chair means not having to stress over finances. In short, “numbers should crunch themselves,” she says.
That’s the mission of Intuit, as well. The financial brand's suite of money-management products (intended to help customers focus on what they love) is key to Reed's ability to be super present with her collaborators, rather than fixating on things like invoices, expenses, and deductions. Watch the video above to hear more about why using Intuit’s products to track her business and personal expenses — and maximize her tax deductions — made a massive difference in Reed’s creative collaborations. As she puts it, “You’ve already mastered so many things that scared you, why should finances be any different?”
Find out more about how Nikki Reed got her business off the ground and how she practices living with balance, as part of our R29 x Intuit video series.

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