My, What A Doughy Bun You Have There, Nicole Richie

We have a love/hate relationship with buns. We adore the convenience of whipping our hair into a messy knot, but crafting a dressy updo can be tough. Too often, you wind up looking like a weird cross between a ballerina and a prom queen — not a good look. Thankfully, Nicole Richie is here to show us the way.
At last night's FiFi Awards — the so-called Oscars of the fragrance industry — Nicole served as a presenter and looked dazzling in an embellished Emilio Pucci gown. But it was her hair that we couldn't take our eyes off: Stylist Charley Brown created a rolled, twisted, puffed-up 'do that was the essence of what a dressy bun should be, incorporating equal parts glamour, sophistication, and playfulness.
While it might be over the top for everyday, Nicole's updo — which shall be known as the "doughy bun" from here on out — looks right at home on the red carpet, without being predictable. We totally approve and hope this is the start of a new trend — we're stoked to see how doughy these coiffs can get.
Are you a fan of the doughy bun, or do you prefer your updos a little less puffy?

Photo: Rex USA