The New York Times Says Park Slope Is “Quite Possibly The Least Chic Neighborhood In New York City

Diss. Snap. Burn. The New York Times did all three of these (and a boatload of other alternatives on Urban Dictionary), to the poor residents of Park Slope today. In a piece on Park Slope's 1 of a Find vintage store, writer Alexandra Jacobs says about the hood, "This is, after all, quite possibly the least chic neighborhood in New York City: a place where the closest thing to a club scene is cargo pants-clad, nose-pierced damsels gamboling to Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’ while in line for their chamomile brews at the Tea Lounge; where exhausted parents march to their desultory date nights in the morning’s clammy yoga togs; where the central shoe destination is an Aerosoles. (And it’s often mobbed!) How could such people be expected to appreciate the joys of a deadstock Halston gown with labels intact?." Commenters, react! (The Cut)

Photo via Flickr.

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