Fashion Week Schedule Battle: The Cities Fight Like Mean Girls

Fashion people are notoriously catty, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that our Fashion Weeks get vicious as well. The four major Fashion Weeks — New York, London, Milan, and Paris — are normally held in succession, and plan around each other in order to make sure the right editors, buyers, and stylists are able to make it to each city. But, next September's 2013's Fashion Weeks are just all messed up… and New York started it.
To move the NY shows to the week following Labor Day, New York Fashion Week would end on September 20th, pushing London to the 21st-25th. The problem is that Paris refuses to move its own dates (September 25th - October 3rd), which means poor Milan would have to squish its whole week into zero days ("impossibile", says Milan!). Said head of Italy's Camera Nazionale della Moda, Mario Boselli, “Let the best one win. Italian designers unanimously agreed on the schedule, from the smallest brand to the biggest [one]. They showed great solidarity and Italian pride.”
But then, letters were sent! And then New York never responded, and then London was all like "It's not our problem!" and then Milan got sad when New York told the press, "The calendar changes, tough luck!" and then Milan was all "You guys have too many days anyway," and then everyone pulled everyone else's hair and insulted each other's handbags, and then they all went home to cry and write in their diaries, because it's just so unfair, and...I wonder if Joey was really looking at me in algebra today (I hope he was!). (WWD) Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh

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