This Only-In-NYC Breakup Story Brought A Tear To Our Eyes

When Huffington Post's women's editor, Margaret Wheeler Johnson, ended her three-year relationship with her girlfriend, she told everyone immediately, as a means of therapeutic cleansing. Everyone, that is, except for her corner bodega bff, Mo.
If you live in NYC, you most likely have your go-to deli, where they know your order (and a thing or two about your personal life). This was true for Margaret and over the course of her time spent with her live-in girlfriend, the pair formed a relationship with Mo as they went in to pick up snacks, make small talk, and sometimes even "flirt" casually, as customers tend to do with the main (sandwich) man in their lives.
And so, when Margaret's breakup became a reality, Mo was the only guy she couldn't seem to break the news to. Instead, she started doubling her order, continuing to pick up her ex's favorite snacks as a means of keeping the relationship alive, at least in the corner bodega. We were particularly taken with this poignant story of New York City love (and heartbreak), as it exists in a space we're all so familiar with. Click through to read the brief yet touching essay and tell us who's the one person you have the toughest time coming clean to, when it comes to life changes and disappointments. (Huffington Post)

Photo: Courtesy of Margaret Wheeler Johnson

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