15 New Year’s Eve Lessons From Film & TV

New Year's Eve is the day after tomorrow and you still have no idea what you're doing. Sounds about right. Like most people, we have a bone to pick with the person who decided to jam another pressure-intensive holiday a week after the chaos of Christmas. Then there are those creeps who invented bottle service, Uber surge pricing, and the opportunity to pay upwards of $100 for the exact same club experience you had last weekend for free. Also, Ryan Seacrest. What's his deal?
Before you slap on a festive tiara and start shopping for cava that might fool people into thinking it's Veuve, take some New Year's Eve pointers from the folks responsible for building it up so big: Hollywood! Like Christmas, NYE has inspired many a TV show and film, including that silly Katherine Heigl/Lea Michele/Jon Bon Jovi one which you can rest assured is not included here. (Yes, it's that bad.)
What can we learn from these festive scenes? How can we make our night a little less of a letdown? What truths does Hollywood have to tell? Glad you asked...
OPENER IMAGE: REX USA/Moviestore Collection/Rex.

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