7 Hair Products For A Chi-Town Winter

If you live here, you get it. The changing of the seasons (and the dropping of the temperatures!) demands that we switch up the way we take care of our hair. You can feel it in your follicles—the dry, straw-like, flyaway situation that makes you want to hide your head inside a cozy winter cap and leave it there. We feel it, too, and it's icky. But, we're not going to let you hide your mane all winter. There are so many cool products out there, to save your tresses from winter's wrath. Read on to find out which hair goodies need to stay stocked in your house 'til the spring thaw, and why they'll give you the gorgeous hair you love all year. Go ahead, winter, bring it!
Check out the seven hair products that'll treat your tresses right this winter.
Photo: Anna Sui runway image: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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