These Are The Best Natural Products For Every Hair Type

We're in the middle of a sustainability revolution. Sure, reading labels and paying attention to where our clothes are made, what's in our food, and what we're putting on our faces isn't always easy, but it's making us a hell of a lot more healthy in the long run.

And while many of us follow the golden rule of the natural movement — "thou shalt be able to pronounce all ingredients" — when it comes to our serums and moisturizers, we tend to forget it when we wash our hair. But if you're still using the shampoo and conditioner from when you were 10 — and your hair is dry, stripped, and dull — then chances are sulfates, parabens, fragrances, and a bunch of other sneaky additives could be to blame.

Look, we hear your concerns: that your texture is difficult and plant-based ingredients won't be able to stand up to it; that you need a big, fluffy lather to really feel like your scalp is getting clean; that you just can't give up that artificial, but addictive, coconut scent everyone always compliments you on. And we're here to tell you that you can rest easy, because we rounded up the absolute best new formulas for every hair type and need — from fine to frizzy. Plus, your blowout can still smell like coconut, only now it'll be the real deal.

Let us know if you've made the switch to all-natural hair products, and share your favorites, in the comments below.

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