Naomi At 8, Luella OBE, And Introducing The Snuggie Suit

Forget the bunny ears fad. Abbey Lee Kershaw sports "headwings" and unicorn horns in the new Numéro . (Fashion Gone Rogue)
O Mistress Mine closes—another sign of hard times for vintage shops. (The Cut)
Kate Moss used to think models were "vain". Then she became one. (Times UK)
Gird your loins—here's a fuzzy sneak peek at Kelly Cutrone's Bravo show "Kells on Earth". (Fabsugar)
Is Isabel Marant guilty of "boot rationing"? (WSJ)
The rise of e-commerce has brought us the virtual mannequin. (PSFK)
The world may love Toyko style, but has yet to embrace Tokyo designers. (NYT)
Heidi Mount went to went to Space Camp, loves Ultimate Fighting, and does pottery to unwind. What a dork! (T)
Despite losing Luella, Luella Bartley was honored with an OBE by Queen Elizabeth. (Fashionista)
Naomi Campbell was sure polite as an 8-year-old. What happened? (Fashionologie)
We'd take the Sleep Suit over the Snuggie Suit any day. (Design Scene, StyleList)
"There's way too much celebrity in fashion. I don't really like working with celebrities, so I try to stay away from that whole machine. But of course I have met some incredibly nice and creative people who just happen to be a 'celebrity.'"—Stylist, Dazed & Confused creative director, and Lady GaGa dresser Nicola Formichetti. (T)

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