There’s A 33-Foot-Tall Naked Guy Named David In Nolita

In a post-Lady Gaga New York, "street meat" could go one of two ways: either falafel for lunch or a haute-couture ball-gown. But now there's a third meaning. Enter Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Ozkaya's 33-foot-tall statue of David, that crossed the George Washington Bridge yesterday to sleep over in Nolita.
It's an exact replica of Michelangelo's sixteenth-century sculpture in Florence, but the artist switched out the carrera marble for styrofoam, painted it over in gold, and blew it up to scale for present-day consumer culture. Dashing good looks and a commentary on social tastes under advanced capitalism? We like our yum with a side of intellectual, please! The statue is set to make its final stop in Louisville, Kentucky, but not before scandalizing and straight-up flashing more than a few sidewalkers—and that falafel guy. Wonder when this third entry will make its way into Urban Dictionary... (Gothamist)
Photo via: Gothamist thumb

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