Nab A Starring Role In Converse's New Music Video + Download The Free Track

Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon, and Bill Ryder-Jones might not ring a bell this side of the ocean, but on the other side of the Atlantic, these musicians are industry idols. Put them together in the studio and you've got a smashing track that will dominate your party playlist. Early this month, Converse released the free downloadable track "Desire" as part of its Connectivity campaign celebrating the creative U.K. music scene. Paloma's Duffy-esque vocals already have us bopping in our computer chairs, but we're also tripping on the video, which is like an LSD-fueled dream featuring Paloma in a Queen Elizabeth/Alice-In-Wonderland/geisha getup, the boys' beaten Chuck Taylor's, a very big octopus, and you! Yes, connect to "Desire" on Facebook and see yourself make ghostly appearances in the video's fantasy world. Invite your friends to join you and you'll be in on a digital mind-trip without the nasty side effects. Check the video out, here.

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