How To Actually Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Registry

Between securing a venue, arranging for a gluten-free-vegetarian-friendly-kosher caterer, and saying yes to a gorgeous (but still affordable) wedding dress, there's nothing easy about planning a wedding. But while you might be stressed to the point of abandoning ship and eloping with your S.O. in Vegas, there are a few fun things that make the planning period a worthwhile experience — including picking items for your wedding registry.
But before you get overzealous and fill your registry with over-the-top products you'll likely only use once, take a minute to think about what you want and need. To help you create your best wedding registry, we teamed up with Bloomingdale's for a complete guide to the most useful home goods: from a coffee maker that whips up a cafe-worthy latté with the touch of a button to a textured silverware set that will last for all the happy years to come. There's no question whether or not you'll use these buys. Grab your spouse-to-be, and click through to check out 12 of our must-haves.
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Whether you're pairing a funky organic wine with dinner or hosting a few friends for a low-key wine night, a stemless wine glass set is something you'll undoubtedly use again and again. This set, with deep-cut frosted bands, adds a touch of decor to your bar cart — plus the elegant design won't go out of style, so you can trust that you'll use them for years to come.

kate spade new york Library Stripe Stemless White Wine Glass, Set of 4, $50.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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If you're the kind of person who can't start their day without a cup of coffee, a coffee maker should be a no-brainer for the registry. In contrast to your traditional auto-drip eight-cup machine, this single-serve espresso maker is like a countertop barista. Not only will it pour out the perfect espresso shot, but it will also froth your milk of choice and pour it directly into your cup.

Nespresso De'Longhi Lattissima One Single-Serving Espresso Maker, $499.99, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Whether it's your birthday, your wedding anniversary, or a random visit to the farmers' market, there will be plenty of times when you're going to need something to put flowers in. Instead of digging through your recycling for an old pasta sauce jar, opt for this vase. With ornate 24K gold stripes and timeless crystal, it easily complements any flower type. Plus, it's just as stunning when it's empty, so you can keep it out for tabletop decor.

Michael Wainwright Mezza Vase, $100.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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There's a reason this Dutch oven brand is notorious for landing on everyone's wedding registries: The products last forever. The enameled cast-iron material is safe for both stovetop and oven use, perfect for everything from slow-cooking to braising to roasting. This size is ideal for a family of two, but we won't blame you if you end up registering for more than one. (Casseroles for all!)

Le Creuset 2.75-Quart Round Dutch Oven in Caribbean, $250.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Even if you don't consider yourself to be the most skilled chef, a good mixer is a necessity — especially one that tackles more than just cookie batter. This iconic standing mixer comes ready for add-on attachments — like a spiralizer, pasta maker, food processor, cheese shredder, and juicer — so you'll find ample opportunities to put it to good use.

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer, $499.99, available at Bloomingdale's.
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From providing spa-worthy floor cushioning to soaking up post-shower drips, the rugs in your bathroom work hard. Make sure you're equipped with bath rugs that can withstand the test of time. These ones, featuring a geometric, abstract design, are made from a cotton and acrylic blend that dries quickly and lasts up to 350 washes before showing any signs of wear and tear.

Abyss "Chicago" Bath Rugs, $165.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Just like how the washing machine inevitably eats socks, there's a good chance your dishwasher has claimed a few utensils. Get rid of all the mismatched spoons and forks, and start your marriage with a clean slate. This five-piece setting features an industrial, crosshatch texture that makes a bold statement among your kitchenware — even if the fanciest meal you're eating is scrambled eggs.

Michael Wainwright Manhattan 5-Piece Place Setting, $90.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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When selecting china patterns, it can feel natural to go for a timeless white and silver design. But this unexpected print, with watercolor brushstrokes and pastel colors, doubles as art. Instead of hiding the plates in your cabinets until a once-a-year special occasion, take advantage of their craftsmanship and put them on display when they're not in use.

Lenox Radiance Seasons Tidbit Plates, Set of 4, $112.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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No matter how many blankets you already own, there's always a need for a perfect throw. This soft organic one features a gradient wash of subtle color, so it can be used anywhere and everywhere in your home: Throw it haphazardly on your couch, fold it lengthwise on your bed, drape it neatly on an accent ladder. Just think of it as a comfy piece of functional decor.

Coyuchi Strata Organic Cotton Throw, $148.00, available at Bloomingdale's.
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As sentimental as it is to have your parents' old hand-me-down pots and pans from the '80s, it's time you finally got your own. Choose a set that will last you decades (until you pass them down to your own offspring), like this eight-piece stainless-steel set. Each piece features three layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating and an aluminum core for even, reliable cooking every time.

All-Clad d3 Compact 8-Piece Set, $589.99, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Stop prepping all your meals with a single steak knife, and opt for something far more practical (and safe). This seven-piece butcher-block set gives you all the knives and scissors you'll ever need in one convenient storage unit, whether you're slicing bread, cutting up veggies, or just snipping the tag off your new shirt.

Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Knife Block Set, $399.99, available at Bloomingdale's.
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We're willing to bet you've amassed a collection of souvenir plastic cups from festivals and sporting events in your cabinet. But they're definitely not made to last forever. Instead, invest in a set of crystal, dishwasher-safe beverage glasses you'll actually want to use. The next time a houseguest asks for a glass of water, you won't have to serve it to them in a cup with a slightly rubbed-off baseball logo.

Reed & Barton Soho Beverage Glass, Set of 4, $80.00, available at Bloomingdale's.

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