Couples Ages 13 To 90 Talk About Why They Fight

Even the happiest couples fight from time to time. It's just a reality of spending so much time with one person. Even though you love your partner, they're bound to get on your nerves every once in a while and that's totally normal. In fact, it's healthy. "I feel like when you argue, usually something comes out of it," says Lauren, who's been with her partner, Ray, for 11 years. "Everything that changes or grows comes out of some sort of conflict," Ray says.
What comes out of your argument can spur changes in yourself or your relationship. It can teach you about you or your partner's insecurities. Or, what you learn can be something as simple as whether a pickle is a fruit or a vegetable (fun fact: it's a fruit).
Refinery29 talked with Ray and Lauren and eight other couples for How Two Love, a video series that explores modern-day relationships. Couples in this video, ranging in age from 13 to 90, talk about why they fight, what they fight about, and what it means to fight fairly. Watch the video above to see how real-life couples deal with arguments.
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