Can All Women Have Multiple Orgasms?

Ah, the female orgasm: Many women spend a major part of their sexually active lives in the pursuit of just one, while others can climax with ease. So, we can't help but wonder, are multiple orgasms (a commonly upheld "skill" of the female anatomy) actually attainable for all women? Related: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Coregasming Women's Health sought out Vivienne Cass, PhD, author of The Elusive Orgasm, for her expert opinion on the matter. Dr. Cass specified that women can, technically, have between five and seven orgasms in a row — but, for some, this just doesn't happen. She went on to explain that discomfort or fatigue are common inhibitors, which makes sense. However, a more surprising factor can be overstimulation. Related: How To Find Your Own G-Spot The clitoris is so sensitive that it can be sent into overdrive (and thus become less-than-responsive) if it's given too much attention. Once a woman's reached her first orgasm, Dr. Cass advises that she or her partner focus elsewhere, either on the vagina or simply on the come-down, before going for a second climax. This is one situation where slow and steady does win the race. Click through to Women's Health for more on the female orgasm. (Women's Health) Related: What To Do If You Hate The Way His Semen Tastes

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