Lo And Behold...There Is Now A Mr. Mission Contest!

Um, remember that little post we wrote about the Mr. Marina contest happening in San Francisco this May? Ya know, the one that pretty much makes it unsafe for us to stroll the Chestnut Street strip ever again? Well, the organizers of the event are proving that it's all in good fun and are doubling up on the laughs (and the fund-raising efforts) by launching a Mr. Mission Contest as well.
Think you or someone you know has what it takes to be anointed the ultimate Mission hipster? You have from now until Friday, April 20, to nominate your top 'hood-rific pick. And, while you're doing so, keep these loose guidelines in mind. *Note: These are written by the powers that be behind the Mr. Mission Contest, not us!
Perhaps you know someone you’d like to nominate who…*
1. Always ends a big night at Taqueria Cancun.
2. Spends at least 1/3 of his life basking at Dolores Park.
3. Is on a first-name basis with the waiters at Mission Chinese.
4. Sports a mustache more ironic than a black fly in your chardonnay.
5. Immediately gets passed a spliff when he sits down at Revolution Cafe.
Also worth noting: "Your Mr. Mission candidate doesn’t have to live in the Mission, but does need to embrace the true essence of the neighborhood. He will have to outperform the other candidates in a series of intense tests, trivia, and activities. There will be three judges to impress and scoring will be dependent upon fundraising success as well; each candidate will fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to participate."
It's all for a good cause, dudes, so whip out your best pair of skinny jeans, completely ironic frosted denim jacket, Warby Parker frames, busted-up fixie, and Four Barrel-stamped cup. Who knows, there might even be a tussle with Mr. Marina awaiting the winner. Sign up for the showdown, here, before Danny Bowein submits this ridiculous video and wins by default.

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