Rom-Com Vs. Reality: This List Will Make You LOL!

Whether you have an affinity for Judd Apatow or love yourself a little Les Mis, the 2012 holiday season is bursting with blockbusters. And, because we can't think of a better distraction from the cooking and shopping, we always make time for our rom-coms during December. It's a known fact that movies offer viewers a release from reality for those cherished couple of hours, but Glamour 's rundown of the chick-flick moments that never happen IRL had us seriously ROFLing!
Naturally, the list includes a slew of Kate Hudson scenes — from going bonkers over the bouquet in Bride Wars to her perfectly styled waves in Something Borrowed (there's no one in Hollywood quite like the blonde and her ability to stretch the truth). Let's face it — no one takes the toss that seriously, and we challenge you to find someone whose hair looks that perfect after a round of badminton on the beach. There's also the example of Carrie Bradshaw's ability to run in stilettos, LiLo's job promo in Just My Luck, and looking chic while working out à la Jessica Biel in Valentine's Day. Frustrating? For sure.
The harsh truth is, films exist to transport ticket holders from the real world to a fictional land where women hang out with their girlfriends in just their underwear. Sugarcoating the facts can be infuriating at times, but the escape from reality is oftentimes much-needed — so, we have to ask, what other so-faux guilty-pleasure pics have peeved you? (Glamour)
Photo: Via Glamour

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