17 Dirty Jokes We TOTALLY Missed In Beloved Films From Our Youth

Illustrated by Madelyn Somers.
As the urban legends go, Disney movies are riddled with subliminal reference to sex. It’s supposedly written in the stars in The Lion King. In Aladdin, Genie tells Rajah to “take off and go,” but he’s really saying, “Good teenagers take off their clothes.” And, let us not forget the minister’s erection during the wedding in The Little Mermaid.
But, no matter how much speculation runs rampant, we'll probably never know if the Mouse House actually does have a hidden agenda for indoctrinating viewers about such prurient matters.
The jokes we’re about to discuss, on the other hand, leave much less to the imagination. Either they’re gems for adults hidden in kids’ movies, or they’re references in adult movies that flew over our heads when we watched them in our youth. Now that we've caught them, though, we’ll never be able to look at these films the same way again. Nor will calling the top bunk bed ever be free of sexual innuendo. Thanks a lot, Big.

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