The Cannes Movie Pitch No One's EVER Heard

When you get a bunch of movie execs, supermodels, writers, producers, and stars together, there's bound to be some movie magic. So you can imagine how much the air was abuzz at the Cannes Film Festival, where Hollywood and international film buffs turn up in droves. In Cannes, everyone's trying to get their film reviewed, their script read, their pilot green-lit, and their next big thing noticed. But with all the noise, it's tough to get your voice heard.

Leave it to us to hit the streets and hand a mic to the people — literally. Yes, inspiration can come from anywhere, folks, and we intend to prove it! We spoke to non-festivalgoers to see what they thought would be the best movie the world has never seen. Until now, that is. Watch the pitch and try to imagine it on the silver screen. Who knows? It might just be the biggest premiere at next year's festival.

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