Motocross, Skater Babes, and Crotch Shots...The Latest Issue of Regia is Action-Packed

Thank goodness for the DIY ethos! Indie mags and online-only glossies are bringing the edge back publishing and filling the void that was left when homemade zines of the '90s fell out of vogue. Even without the buckets of production money, Regia magazine's latest issue provides plenty of sock-it-to-em inspiration without the high-gloss pretense. A cheeky editorial featuring pretty young things getting sucker-punched is followed by a motocross-themed spread with a pair of drop-crotch trousers that look suspiciously like a windbreaker worn as pants. There are plenty of crotch-shots too (for ladies and gents) and snaps of skater girls getting busy with the pavement. If this dynamic issue of Regia is any indication of the ferocity of webbies, in the print-vs-online punch-out, we're taking sides!

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