Just Push Play: 10 Songs To Get You Moving

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We’ve had the same playlist on repeat since the holidays ended, and, frankly, we’re in need of some fresh tracks. It’s one thing to enjoy a few pump-up, top hits when you’re on the treadmill, but pop isn’t exactly the “mood music” we prefer when we’re relaxing before bed, cleaning the apartment, or commuting to work in the morning.
In other words, we can be quite particular about what we’re listening to — depending on what it is that we’re doing. Yes, there are just certain songs that better motivate us through our daily tasks, and it’s only fair that we share them with you. So, forget about the “shuffle” function, and plug these tunes into Pandora (or use them as the starting-off point for an iTunes genius playlist) when it’s time to set the tone. Below, the soundtrack to your life day.
The song: “Damnit Anna” by The Morning Benders
Turn it on when: You’re getting dressed. The upbeat tempo will be particularly helpful if you’re running late and you need a little push. However, we’re not responsible for the mishmash of an outfit you throw together in these two short, but totally peppy, minutes.
The Song: “Paint a Smile On Me” by Black Yaya
Turn it on when: You’re going for a run or starting any sort of cardio workout. Thanks to the repeating claps and steady rhythm, you’ll feel like it’s a sunny spring day — even in the middle of winter.
The song: “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells
Turn it on when: You’re online shopping. This one’s slow enough for you to enjoy as you’re making some pretty difficult decisions, like which new booties to splurge on.
The song: “Spirit In The Sky” by Norman Greenbaum
Turn it on when: You’re cleaning up your space. Whether it’s your apartment, your work desk, or you’re just making your bed, there’s nothing that gets you going like bouncy old rock.
The song: “Drink You Away” by Justin Timberlake
Turn it on when: You’re driving. If you don’t drive, relax, ride shotgun, and bang your palms to the beat on the dashboard (while you belt out the bluesy lyrics — eyes closed, of course).
The song: “Heartbeat” by JJAMZ
Turn it on when: You’re doing your makeup. This one’s light and sugary confessional pop that’s totally addicting. Repeat twice and then move onto hair.
The song: “We Won’t Go Home” by The Colourist
Turn it on when: You’re walking down the street by yourself. You can get lost in this song. But, it’s got a distinctively warm vibe to keep you company, so you definitely won’t feel lonely.
The song: “Street Lights” by Kanye West
Turn it on when: You’re on the subway or the bus. Everything around you is busy and chaotic, but you certainly don’t mind slipping into an eerily still moment, all by yourself.
The song: “No Other Plans” by Sunny Levine feat. Young Dad
Turn it on when: You’re cooking dinner. The smooth, calming melody will help you unwind after a long day, so you can completely shut out the rest of the world.
The song: “Lonesome” by Dr. Dog
Turn it on when: You’re showering. Blast the volume and revel in a few blissful moments alone. Trust, you’ll emerge completely carefree.

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