Start Saving, Kiddies! Here’s The Expensive Gift 91% Of Moms Want

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Sure, most mamas will tell you they love being showered with flowers, perfume, spa days, and the like on Mother’s Day — or maybe even that it's just the thought that counts. But, deep down, they don’t give a hoot about those frilly prezzies. And that card with the noodles pasted to it? Not cutting it, either.
What you really need, to win over dear old Mom: an iPad. Yep, it’s a fact: According to a Tech Bargains survey that just came out, a staggering 91% of moms would prefer an iPad over any snoozy florals you plan to send their way.
When you think about it, this makes total sense — especially since the number of tech-savvy ‘rents is on the rise (or at least seems like it is, we can't get ours to log off Instagram). It's a kinda pricey ask, but hey, this is the woman who gave birth to you, and made you the lady you are today. So, really, it's the least you could do.
Oh, and once you score a shiny new toy for Mama, snag one of these sleek cases for a double-whammy to show her you really care. Only the best for mom, right?

Photo: Via Apple

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