These Inspiring Quotes About Moms Will Leave You Misty-Eyed

There's a saying that to become a mother is to forever watch your heart walk around outside your body. It's intense, and it's hard to explain what the experience feels like. But a beautiful new book from Brooklyn-based illustrator Samantha Hahn comes pretty damn close.

A Mother Is a Story: A Celebration of Motherhood pairs inspiring, heartbreaking, and hilarious quotes from famous cultural figures with gorgeous original illustrations. "Nothing in my life prepared me for the instant mad love I felt at the first sight of each of my children, or the emotion I felt each time I smelled them or felt the softness of their skin and the warmth of their bodies," Hahn told us over email. "Creating this book, I wanted to see if it were possible to portray this shared experience of motherhood in all its glorious, messy beauty... I’ve found that each idea resonates at different moments, as different aspects of this incredible journey come to pass."

Whether you are a mama or you're just thinking about your own mommy dearest, paging through Hahn's book is guaranteed to give you the feels. Grab the Kleenex and check out a quick preview below.

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