Morning Java: Zara Tops Gap, Peaches the Bride, and Sensible Shoes

peachesgeldofFresh out of detox, and our spotlight, Peaches Geldof has gone and done got married in a "low-key Las Vegas ceremony." Busy girl. (Photo Sun UK, Sun UK)
Papierblog takes a stand against the wave of ugly to defend the honor of simple shoes. (Papierblog)
Like everything else these days, fashion blogging can endanger your children. (USA Today)
Zara has beat Gap to become the largest fashion retailer in the world. Kudos. (The Herald UK)
Remember when Katie Holmes played Joey Potter, the bold, beautiful girl-next-door on "Dawson's Creek" who could make you sigh while dressed in nothing more fancy than jeans and flannel? Yeah, us either. (Style Dash)
This video of Mary-Kate Olsen's photoshoot for Elle UK is…well it's…it's just really weird, okay? (NYMag)
Onward and upward with shutterbug supreme Patrick McMullen. (Gawker)

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