Morning Java: Susie's Neon Bubbles, Posh Loses Sleep, and Winehouse Designs?

amlinks_0105Susie Bubble combines neon pom-poms and sheer cotton for surprising results. (Style Bubble)
John Galliano gets a "Chevalier" appended to his name. (WWD)
Marc Jacobs pairs back and squishes together his New York retail concerns. (Fashion Informer)
The Birkins are quickly becoming the thin, high cheek-boned Kennedys of French fashion. (WWD)
WWD wants YOU to fight for your fashion. (WWD)
Think you're cool for drinking Absinthe? This should clear that up. (NYT)
The luxury market may be tanking, but wig sales are up. God bless you, Britney. (Guardian UK)
Speaking of that tightening luxury market&hellip: (Guardian UK)
Victoria Beckham says she stays awake at night thinking about fashion. We suggest she take an Ambien and call it a night. (The Bosh)
Amy Winehouse dreams about starting a fashion line. Before you judge, remember that It's good for recovering addicts to keep their hands busy. (NDTV)

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