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If you're a blogger, you've probably heard of Polyvore. If you haven't, here's a warning: Polyvore is fashion crack. Just imagine being granted the keys to the Vogue fashion closet and, well, that's just the beginning. Basically the stylish web application lets you mix and match (anything and everything) until your designer dreams become a virtual reality. But more than letting you live out your recurring Cher Horowitz dreams on screen, the site offers users from around the globe an exciting showcase for their creativity and style. But with this, seeing is obsessing. So, we asked a few of the site's savants to serve up spring trends Polyvore style just for us. Don't say we didn't warn you.
1. Team Wayfarer —Because if there are old-school Ray Bans involved, you know it has to be cool. Below: "Indie Pink."
29 - by Team Wayfarer on

2. Preppy Love— Super cute design, and not a polo-shirt in the bunch. Below: "Spring Is Nature's Way of Saying "Lets Party."
spring is natures way of saying "Lets party" - by preppylove14 on
3. Silent But Strong—New to Polyvore but we loved the way she blends music, fashion and a little bit of attitude. Below: "No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow."
No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. - by silent but strong on

4. The Fashion Freak (Closet Raider)
Self describes as a crazy student alien monkey, who makes a habit of raiding virtual closets. We were slightly scared, but her sets are really exciting and unique. Below: "I Guess I'm Too Edgy."
I guess I'm too edgy - by The Fashion Freak(closet raider) on

5. ParkerEloise—A student and fashion blogger, we love her subversive take on the iconic Vogue cover. Below: "What's New For Fall By Spring Means Nothing…"
6. Kinky Kate Does NYC—Magazine addicted graphic designer from New York. Below: "Black and Gold Trend As Told By Kate!!"
REFINERY29 Set - by Kinky Kate Does NYC on

7. The Strawberry Fields—Scottish-based graphic designer who creates bright sets that are fun and a little bit sexy. Below: "The Strawberry Fields."
Golden Kisses - by TheStrawberryFields on

8. Hed_Kandi—This is a graphic designer based in Bulgaria who creates really artistically rich sets. Below, "Refinery29 Spring Trends."
Refinery_29_Spring_Trends - by hed_kandi on

9. CorneliaLux—A fashion-obsessed art/design student from the U.S. who uses bold colors to add whimsy to her sets. Below, "Spring Trends Color."
Spring Trends Color - by CorneliaLux on

10. Patri—We love the look created by this edgy Iceland based designer. Below: "Spring '09."
Spring 2009. - by ?patri on

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