How Much $ A Portland Woman Spends On Food, Adidas & Skiing

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We asked a millennial woman how she spends her hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last cent. (Thanks, New York Mag, for the inspiration.) Today, a Portland woman starting a new job and going cross country skiing.
Industry: Advertising
Location: Portland, OR
Salary: $60,000
Age: 26
Roommates: 1 (my fiancée)
Monthly Expenses
Rent: $625
Utilities: $25
Gym: $29.99

Day One

9 a.m. — I have the day off, so I get to sleep in! I go for a short run around the neighborhood followed by scrambled eggs and a green smoothie at home. Noon — Lunch at a cheap vegan place means a full belly without spending much. $5.50 6 p.m. — Pick up some fresh bread for dinner and make chicken sandwiches with salad. $4

Total: $9.50

Day Two

8 a.m. — Egg and toast with coffee at home followed by a four-mile bike ride to work. Noon — First day at the new job calls for coworker bonding. Totally worth eating out at a great Vietnamese restaurant. $8.50 6 p.m. — Happy birthday to me! The fiancée treats me to dinner at an awesome meat-heavy restaurant. She sure knows the way to my heart. Total: $8.50

Day Three

8 a.m. — Make the trek to work by bike again and sip on a free protein smoothie while I get down to business; perks of having a protein company as a client! Noon — Post up at my desk to eat my Trader Joe's salad with chicken. It's kind of worth the small splurge not to have to make my lunch the night before. $4.99 4 p.m. — Another free protein shake. I guzzle one of those bad boys down to avoid eating the Pop Tarts staring at me in the work kitchen. 6 p.m. — Fight the wind on my bike ride home and arrive starving. The fiancée got a free trial of Blue Apron, so we experiment with a new recipe. Salt cod brandade. Is it just me or does free food taste better?

Total: $4.99

Day Four

6 a.m. — Early start to hit the gym before work. Bike there, do some speed interval training and lifting, then bike to work. 9 a.m. — Someone brought Voodoo Doughnuts to work. I sat at my desk shielding my eyes from the glistening doughnuts white eating my fresh fruit and protein shake. 11 a.m. — My willpower fails me and I devour a Captain Crunch donut the size of my face. 1 p.m. — Trader Joe's to the rescue. Another salad at my desk while I work. $4.99 6:30 p.m. — Meet up with my running group friends for drinks and apps after work. I buy brewskis and truffle fries for the fiancée and me. $13 8 p.m. — Another much needed Blue Apron meal waiting for us at home. Pork loin with spinach and olive mashed potatoes. Yeah, we fancy.

Total: $17.99

Day Five

6 a.m. — Time to burn off yesterday's fried indulgences. I do a four-mile run before work quickly followed by a protein shake at home. 10 a.m. — Time for second breakfast. I willfully resist the day-old Voodoo doughnuts and opt instead for a tangerine. 12 p.m. — Pizza Fridays at work means free carbs, my favorite kind. 5 p.m. — A new coworker treats me to a beer at a local watering hole. 7 p.m. — Ramen connoisseur that I am, I hit a new Japanese spot with the fiancée and a friend. The bartender is generous with the free sake pours. $15.75. Total: $15.75

Day Six

8 a.m. — Gotta love the weekends, if for no other reason than I get to make my famous protein pancakes. 10 a.m. — Rain in Portland means powder on the mountain. We have to fill up the tank before the trip ($20.48) and rent skis ($34). Worth it for an awesome afternoon. $54.48

1 p.m. — After two hours of cross-country skiing, we bring out some fruit and Power Bars to snack on. 3 p.m. — We make it back to civilization and go HAM on the first dark beer and burger we can find. Okay, throw in a cheese board, too. I'm in a food coma. $14

8 p.m. — Did somebody say house party? We drop money on two six-packs (you can't show up empty-handed) and headed to our friend's place for beer and board games and a slew of appetizers. $18.25

Total: $86.73

Day Seven

10 a.m. — Sweet thing that she is, the fiancée picks up quiche and scones from our neighborhood bakery. While she sweats out the previous night's indulgences with soccer, I watch an episode of Friends I have already seen six times while stuffing my face with baked goods. 12 p.m. — We meet a friend for a lunch of tacos and ceviche. The fiancée and I go halfsies. $7.50 2 p.m. — What goes well with lunch? Shopping. Thanks to an Adidas employee store pass, I make out like a bandit. $68.75. 4 p.m. — If this day hadn't already been decadent enough, I treat the fiancée to some post-shopping fro-yo ($4.99) before buying groceries for the week ($42 total): chicken, salmon, frozen berries, bananas, spinach, kale, snap pea crisps, granola bars, apples, broccoli, peppers, hummus, salami, eggs, avocado, grapefruit, and cookie butter — my guilty pleasure. $46.99 Total: $123.24
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