Hold The Phone! '80s-Inspired iPhone Cases Double As Pop Art

Time out! If Zack Morris lived in today’s tech-savvy world, he’d be all over the MoFone . An analog advocate’s dream come true, this “big phone for a small world” is the retro throwback to today’s sleek and shiny super gadgets. We’re not sure just how practical they are, but you have to admit, they’re the perfect dose of nostalgic kitsch to slip into a stocking for a few laughs. The iPhone-friendly, snap-on cases come in styles like, oh, a giant ear, Lego blocks, a brick phone a la Gordon Gekko, and our personal holiday favorite – antlers! Dialing in at $12 to $40 per case, the MoFone is available at Urban Outfitters and select Nordstrom locations. Okay, time in!
Photo: Courtesy of Mofone

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