Model-of-the-Moment Jamie Bochert Performs With Patti Smith, Aspires To Be Crazy Cat Lady

Dancer-turned-model-turned-musician Jamie Bochert proves exactly why we love her in this month's Tokion, where she graces the cover. Samantha Rapp shot the unconventional beauty while Christian Stroble dressed her in a series of come-hither looks as rock-n-roll as Jamie herself. Recently, the model-singer-muse got to share the stage with Michael Pitt (her fiancé) and the one and only Patti Smith at the Nuit Blance. "I'm a huge fan of hers, and being next to her on stage kind of freaked me out but I did it anyway. It was an amazing, very spiritual evening." But lest you think she has aspirations of being the next gray-haired rocker, she doesn't. "I want to be that crazy old cat lady in the store...with black eyeliner, long white hair and a long black dress." Sounds like the making of a genius editorial if you ask us.

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