A Guide To The Mission’s Hottest Hub

You didn’t think Valencia Street was the only cool turf in the Mission, did you? While there are more offerings than you can shake a stick at in the condensed stretch from 15th to 24th, we have our eyes on a crazy burgeoning part of the ‘hood — so take notes.
It actually pains us a teensy bit to reveal our frequented hangouts here (after all, this editor does call it home). But, there really is too much goodness going on — and we love you that much. We can hardly keep mum: 20th Street (particularly from Folsom to Potrero, and a few others peppered around) is a medley of divey pubs and chic new eateries. We’re spilling the scoop on our top contenders. From S.F.'s famed Flour + Water to newer destinations, like Trick Dog and Green Heart Foods, here’s why we never want to leave this enclave. Time for a field trip!