Would You Ever Go A Month Without Looking Into A Mirror? A Year?

Let’s reflect for a moment: We’re all guilty of fixating on flaws when peeking in the mirror. While we’re definitely not ones to knock a skin care routine or even a hair DIY, when does beauty banter become borderline ballistic? Well, in an effort to separate looks from self-esteem, two bloggers suggest it’s time to quit vanity, cold turkey.
Autumn Whitefield-Madrano of The Beheld and S.F.-based Kjerstin Gruys of Mirror Mirror ... OFF The Wall participated in an experimental fast — abstaining from their reflection for a chunk of time. The results? “Liberating,” according to the bloggers. But, is it really all that boundary breaking? Social anthropologists claim this trend is a form of denial and suggest that the real trick is to look into the mirror and accept yourself, blemishes and all. Um, that's new info? We want to know what you think: Is mirror fasting freeing or just a form of fleeing? Would you give it a go? (Guardian)

Photo: Via Guardian

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