The Latest Food Trend Is BEYOND Cute

The new big trend in vegetables is…tiny! Miniature versions of everything from onions to eggplants are having a moment at fancy restaurants and farmers' markets across the country. Their diminutive size makes them lightning fast and mind-blowingly easy to prepare — and they often boast a sweeter flavor and more tender texture than their full-sized brethren. Oh, and did we mention they’re adorable?
Tiny vegetables aren’t actually a unified group: Some, like baby corn, are just younger versions of their bigger selves, plucked from a standard plant at infancy. Others, like baby turnips, are unrelated to their full-size friends, while baby broccoli is actually a hybrid of broccoli and gai lan, a bitter Chinese green. The only thing baby veggies really share is their cuteness and tastiness.
Ahead, a definitive guide to this summer’s tiny veggies. Turns out, size really does matter.

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