5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — May 03 2015

Mindfulness is shown to have a number of benefits, but it takes a while to master and it’s easy to become discouraged. Well and Good spoke with Erin Olivo, PhD about how to practice it until you master it. One of her tips is to simply pick an activity where you usually zone out, like washing vegetables, and try to keep yourself focused. “Pay attention to the sensory experience of it, like the smell of the fresh tomatoes or the sound of the water” she recommends. Yerba mate tea might be the next big thing. It’s full of vitamins and minerals plus amino acids and antioxidants, and it may help reduce stress. Shape has a full rundown of how awesome the tea really is. Snacking is an important, and arguably the most fun part of a workout. This fitness and snacking guide has the perfect treat for every kind of workout. For example, before your next yoga session, try avocado toast with honey. Boost your running performance with these tips from Self. You can start by breathing more deeply before a run. “Slow, diaphragmatic breathing bring you into a more calm state, whether you’re at the starting line or you’re stressing about your training the night before.” Squeezed every last drop out your toothpaste and have no backup tubes? All you need for this toothpaste hack in baking soda and water and your teeth will be clean again in no time.

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