Here Are The Tiny Creatures Living In Your Body (NSFL)

Whether you're in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day always brings a special kind of stress. But, we want you to know — in the least creepy way possible — that you're never truly alone. Your own personal cheering section, while large in numbers, is perhaps smaller in size than you might realize.
From bacteria to fungi to mites, you've got trillions (trillions!) of tiny buddies with you all the time. They're constantly lookin' out for ya, and/or just plain happy to have you in their lives. They need you; you need them. Sometimes, it's both. 
In fact, way more of your cells are bacterial than human. But, the particular combination of microscopic friends you have on your body is as unique as you are. Click through to see a few of the pals that make up your particular biological ecosystem.

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