This Is The Ultimate Apartment For Single City Girls

Photo courtesy: Jedrzej Stelmaszek / Hanczar Studio.
Could you imagine doing your laundry in a closet? Standing with one leg up on your toilet to take a shower? But, at the end of the day, still having enough space to kick your feet up in a hammock? That's what designer Szymon Hanczar made for himself utilizing a diminutive 140 square feet in Poland.

Hanczar, who graduated with a degree in interior design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, created the space with creature comforts in mind. It is visually expansive, thanks to choice materials and clever solutions, while allowing for the realities of daily urban living. "Life in a big city absorbs so much that many young people are redefining the term 'housing'," said Hanczar in a statement. "For me, primarily it was a bedroom. Plus, let's say, a storage space."

Click through for a tour of Hanczar's incredible work, and let us know in the comments — would you want to live like this?

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