17 Times Michelle Tanner Was The Ultimate #GIRLBOSS

Being a girl boss at a young age is no small feat, but Michelle Tanner seemed to have it figured out. She always knew what she wanted (which was mostly ice cream and cookies), and she went after it relentlessly. She was straightforward, determined, and charming — not to mention miles ahead of most toddlers.

So, after we caught word the Full House revival is happening without Michelle (and we all know how sad that is), we knew it was only right to relive her top moments. While she may have been the youngest of the Tanner girls, she was definitely the toughest character on Full House. She had no time for nonsense (duh!) and didn’t buy into everything she was told (oh, puh-lease). Whether she was disapproving of Stephanie and DJ or calling out her Uncle Jesse, she wasn’t one to sit back and stay out of the drama.     

Ahead, 17 times Michelle just owned it.
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When she thought Uncle Jesse’s birthday wish was insincere.
She wasn't about those pity wishes.
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When Stephanie and DJ put a hole in the wall with a closet rod.
Amateur move.
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When Stephanie wouldn’t let her have a cupcake, even though she asked politely.
Sometimes, "please" only gets you so far.
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When she didn’t have proper notice about Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s wedding video.
A diva needs time to get ready.
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When New Year’s Eve didn’t live up to its hype.
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When DJ and Kimmy didn’t listen to her about the car in the kitchen.
A #GIRLBOSS never repeats herself.
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When someone took her for a fool.
She stopped liars dead in their tracks.
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When she caught someone doing something wrong.
She knew trouble when she saw it.
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When Stephanie tried to stop her from thinking about cookies.
Sorry, sister.
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When Teddy said Comet was a dog and not a dinosaur.
It’s called imagination. Duh.
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When she got caught eating the insides of all the Oreos.
She was quick on her feet.
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When she was totally over a conversation.
Talk to the hand.
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When she was sick of Kenny, the school bully.
Michelle, FTW.
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When Uncle Joey said he could make a flower dance.
She ain’t got time for that.
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When someone said something obvious.
Cue the epic eye roll.
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When she didn’t think Uncle Joey’s knock-knock joke was funny.
Try some more sophisticated material next time.
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And, of course, when she loved an idea.
That’s an affirmative yes.

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