Just One More Reason Why Michael Cera Is ADORABLE

mainPhoto: Rex USA.
Sure, it’s happened to all of us: The buzz of an incoming text or call lends itself to a stranger’s presence on the other end, and — even if just for a sec — spurs that inevitable curiousity. Exactly who is this anonymous caller? Do we have anything in common? Would we get along IRL?

Well, leave it to actor Michael Cera to show us what happens when inquiring minds need to know. When a random dude named Jeremy from Delano accidentally texted Cera one night, the actor couldn’t let the enigma be. They fostered a friendship, chronicled in a recent Shouts & Murmurs story for
The New Yorker
. Of course, Jeremy was initially wary and unsure how to react to Cera’s quips and forthcoming nature. (Um, if the tables were turned, we'd be stoked to chat with the adorable actor!)

The serendipitous text exchange flourished after Cera threw out a few invites and even made his new friend soup. Needless to say, the digital banter is a must-read and will have you laughing from the get-go — and make you think way differently the next time an unknown number flashes on the screen. Head over to The New Yorker to read the convo in its entirety. (The New Yorker)

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