5 Things To Know This AM — May 31 2012

Om nom nom. Lactose-intolerant, we apologize, because The Cheese Course, South Florida's go-to fromagerie, is opening in Pinecrest. (Tara, Ink.)
Just when you thought Miami couldn't get any more bling, Cartier decides to roll into town. (Curbed)
Unfortunately, your editor is a huge sucker for these stories, but have some good news: A tiny puppy was found swimming out by the Keys after it fell overboard. Puppy and owner reunited, and all is right with the world. (NBC Miami)
While the gruesome Miami face attack isn't funny at all, we have to admit, we smirked a little at the Miami apocalypse pride here. (The 305)
What is Miami's most anticipated summer restaurant opening? Give you a hint: Philippe Starck is obviously involved. (Eater Miami)
Photo: Via Curbed

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