Why Every Home Needs That Unexpected Element

When your job involves making homes look as attractive as possible (which also requires you to have one of the best jobs on the planet), you know just what it takes to create an environment that's equal parts cozy and creative. However, when you're rethinking a space and designing according to the book, it's easy to somehow end up in a tidy, premeditated space that feels as inviting as a model home. For Meridith Baer, who owns one of the world's largest home-staging companies, that balance comes naturally. And, to achieve this, it's important to include at least one or two (or 20!) pieces that feel totally unexpected.
Her recent hookup with pre-loved furniture vendor Chairish is chock-full of those unexpected, delightfully offbeat items that'll mess up your space in the good way. But, to get that clash, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read below for Baer's tips on integrating the unexpected into your space, and click through for some of the items she and other vendors are selling on Chairish.
Group Think — "One way to weave in an unexpected piece is to have a few of the same type of item displayed together, in groups of three or five."
Conversation Starters — "Your home tells the story of who you are, what you like, where you've been...and you are the author of your story! 'I was walking down La Cienega and this caught my eye and I had to take it home,' 'I found this in Bali, and I think it was ME in another life.'"
Color Theory — "If your home decor has a neutral pallet, it can be a RED painting on bright yellow pillows, to make it clear that you have another side to your personality."  
Think Big — "A large painting in a small space makes a big impact. Hang a painting that takes up the entire wall of a bathroom or kitchen."
Be Fearless — "Just try it! You can always ask, 'Do I like it or is this too weird?' later."

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