Dudes Are Jumping On The Rainbow-Hair Trend, Too

We've hit a clear saturation point when it comes to "unnatural" hair colors. (If that word doesn't give you scary flashbacks to high school dress-code policies, we don't know what will.) Thanks to celebrities, bomb-ass colorists, and the rising influence of Instagram, we're seeing more and more people dyeing their strands every shade from pink to platinum to green — sometimes all at once.
And it's not just gals who've developed a taste for bright, candy-colored hues. Male celebrities have taken to wild hair dye recently — a trend we absolutely love, but can't say we saw coming. Their influence is spreading to the everyday dude as well. "In the past year, I've seen so many requests to lighten male clients' hair by double process," says Lucille Javier, a colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City. "They're also deciding to take the plunge into creative color."
She can't exactly pinpoint what caused the shift, but she imagines the thought process was similar to that of women. "Men these days are not afraid to be more expressive with their hair," she says. Men and women no longer see hair color as something that just covers grays. (While we're on the subject, grays have also become less of a stigma.)
Javier embraces this change, and believes it will only continue from here. "Whatever feels authentic for you is what I'm rooting for here," she says. "We are all trying to find a statement look each season. This just happens to include a little bleach."
Looking for inspiration? Click through to see some famous dudes who have already taken the colorful plunge.

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