Meet Tina Fey’s Arms From The Cover Of Her New Book, Bossypants

We've seen before that hand-models can be a little, er, eccentric. That being said, we've been dying to know who's big, manly hands Tina Fey was sporting on the cover of her new book, Bossypants, and whether or not he has some kind of crazy grooming routine to keep his forearms in top condition. Turns out, actor Joe Rosario is the man behind the woman, and he does take good care of his arms. His routine, however, is limited to getting regular manicures, moisturizing, and staying out of the sun, which is probably more than most men do, but is still a far cry from the habits of many other models. This also isn't his first gig—his forearms were once used in a New York Times editorial, and while he hopes to one day get picked up for a sitcom, we're thinking that he should run with his modeling career and save the reputation of hand-models everywhere. (Details)

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