No Joke, This Drugstore Lipstick Actually Lasts 12 Hours

Even despite the, ahem, obstacles that the scientific community has faced over the past six months, there's no standing in the way of progress. Just this year, astronomers discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star; self-driving cars are being prepped for a 2017 launch; and a new male contraceptive gel proved to be 100% effective in early animal trials.
But let us not skip over the biggest breakthrough of the past few years: lipstick with the strength of a liquid bandage and the comfort of a balm. Of course, we're joking about where makeup ranks in these achievements — but not about the newest cosmetic innovations. While some scientists have been developing Lyft-driving robots and uncovering new solar systems, other chemists have been tinkering with matte lipstick — and the results are finally at the drugstore.
Maybelline's new lip color is like nothing I've ever tried — and there's certainly nothing at the drugstore quite like it. The closest I can come to describing it is like a stain and liquid lipstick hybrid, in that it goes on wet, gets sticky, and takes about 15 minutes to fully dry (yes, I timed it). But once it sets, it's damn near bulletproof. When I say that you can apply this stuff in the morning and it will be intact when you wash your face at night, I'm not joking. Plus, it doesn't feel dry or cake-y — a personal complaint of classic liquid lipstick — and doesn't flake when it wears down. To be honest, it's a little like that Lipsense stuff your friends are trying to sell you on Facebook, but for way cheaper and much less hassle.
What's more, the applicator comes with a pointy tip, which means you can create a sharp lip line with one product. (See ya later, lip liner.) My personal favorite shades are Heroine (a bright, poppy red), Escapist (a moody, goth wine), and Lover (a soft, '90s mauve).
Oh, and one last thing: Yes, it's a pain to remove, so make sure you have a dual-phase makeup remover or oil cleanser on hand. Or, while you're at it, pick up these lip color wipes, another new innovation. Let's hear it for science, yeah?
Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Color, $7.99, available at Target.
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