This Street Style Sister Duo Has Us Seeing Double

Many sets of siblings harbor childhood memories of forced matching. Some people never stop doing it, even when they're old enough to take dressing into their own hands and, over time, they've gotten really good at the whole game, set, match routine.
Meet Jess and Stef Dadon, the Australian sisters behind How Two Live, a street style blog that came to be when the girls, who are four years apart, were separated for school in 2009.
"Coordinating our clothes makes things more fun," the sisters say. "We don't think fashion should ever be taken too seriously. Coordinating is just one of the many ways that we bring a little excitement to the way we dress." Perhaps the raddest part about this pair is their willingness to admit that their tastes — defined by an "anything goes" mantra — are basically exactly the same. "We often get asked what the differences are, but the truth is, we have identical tastes in clothing. We push boundaries by involving a lot of color and print, so we encourage others to do the same."
If you're a set of two out there who just can't seem to cut the fashion cord, let these ladies teach you a lesson in how to stay connected one — actually two — outfits at a time.