The One Product That Finally Calmed My Frizzy Hair

When beauty oils became a thing a few years back — or at least hit the mainstream — I fell hard. Slathering almond oil on my body everyday post-shower (tip: do it when your skin is still damp to get the prime absorption) quickly became a part of my regular routine. As did mixing a little Argan or rose oil into my BB cream or moisturizer to give my face an extra boost of hydration and subtle dewiness during the colder months. When it comes to my hair, though, using that same Argan or coconut oil always makes me feel, well, oily. But my hair is super dry and frizzy, and oil helps solve both those problems better than most anti-frizz serums and creams — and sometimes, that's worth dealing with a little extra grease. It's nothing a spritz or two of dry shampoo can’t solve. That said, piling on products to combat the downside of another product is neither time, nor money, well-spent. But I am happy to report Marula Pure Oil Light Hair Treatment & Styling Oil has finally made this a moot issue. I was first introduced to Marula oil last year, and was impressed by how easily it absorbed into my skin, and how soft it made my skin feel. However, once again, the effects weren't quite as beneficial on my hair, so I kept it solely in my skincare routine. Then, the company that introduced the Western world to the oil sustainably harvested from the Marula nut in Southern Africa, came out with a hair line. Formulated with Marula and a host of other moisturizing oils (zero silicones), this product boosts shine and adds smoothness, but it doesn't weigh my hair down or leave me feeling like I need a wash (or a blast of dry shampoo). I have a massive amount of fine hair (they have styling products that work better for coarse hair as well) that I don't often blowdry. I work this product into my ends and my roots (still no oiliness) when my hair is wet and air-drying, as well as on dry hair on the couple of days in-between washes. Either way, it tames the frizzies that I've been at odds with since my teenage years. The oil not only combats my daily hair issues, but it also works as a reparative treatment. We've got instant and long-term results here, people. Marula oil is rich in oleic acid, which penetrates the hair to create a lasting, healthy shine. I've also noticed less split ends since this bottle came into my life.
Pure Oil Light Hair Treatment & Styling Oil, $46, available at

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