The Most Utterly Ridiculous (And Hilarious) S.F. Earthquake Pics

While residing in the Bay Area is chock-full of pros (hello, we're one of the happiest cities in the nation!), there are also a few unavoidable pitfalls we have to put up with — and earthquakes totally top that list.
And as seasoned shake vets, we’ve come to adopt a certain calm (vs. clamorous) ‘tude when we hear about or feel an overnight jolt. So, when local news station KRON4 (yes, the same station that brought us Elmo shirt guy!) posted extensive coverage of last night’s 4.0-magnitude quake, we were seriously in shock.
Not to be insensitive to the real loss that people suffer in the face of other quakes, but the hilarity here is pretty clear. KRON4’s "March 5, 4.0" Facebook album gives us an insider-y peek into the homes that were “damaged” in the disaster. You know, the ones that suffered a few broken bottles.
Some of the most dramatic snaps include a Country Time lemonade canister losing its life, a broken wine bottle (seriously sad!), and a picture frame face-planting on the floor.
Trust us, this album and the Facebook fan commentary that goes along with it is a gem. And really, we can't think of a better way to get over the 3 p.m. Monday slump than to flip through some of the best of the best and get ready to LOL. And, on a serious note, R.I.P. Country Time.
Photo: Via Facebook/KRON4

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