Breathtaking: Watch The Manhattan Skyline Evolve Over The Years

Okay, we all know the Manhattan skyline is an ever-changing work in progress. To see the evolving reality of our changing city, you only have to look south to where – after ten years of painful delays – the 105-story Freedom Tower now grows into the air with impressive speed.
But sometimes, it's useful to step back – in this case, across the East River – and reflect on just how much and how rapidly our skyline has changed. Gothamist helped us out by pointing the way to an amazing series of images first created by the Museum of the City of New York, portraying the eastern Manhattan skyline as it appeared in 1876, 1932, and 1988, as well as a best guess at its appearance in 2013. Follow the link for the full image, a little context, and at least a few oh wows. (Gothamist)
Image: via Reddit.

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