Mango: A Tale of Two Models

huttonmango1Images, from left to right, from Popsugar UK and StyleFrizz.
News came down last week that European women's retailer Mango has hired Brit model Alice Dellal for their upcoming campaigns.That's a bit of a change from another recent hire, the venerable super-model Lauren Hutton. While there's really no comparing anyone (or anything, really) to Lauren Hutton, we thought we'd just run down a list of various commonalities and differences.
Naturally both do fairly well in the looks department, both unconventionally. Ms. Dellal though is all of 20 years old, meaning you could add up her age, Kate Moss's and still be 14 years short of Ms. Hutton's 67. Hutton is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Dellal hails from Brazil. Hutton used to favor Studio 54; Dellal hangs at Boujis. And while they both seem to enjoy biker jackets (Hutton actually uses hers) and globe trotting, the quirkiness of Dellal's nose just doesn't match up to Hutton's Letterman-like gap teeth. But you know what they say, like attracts like and if Mango wants to attracts the MySpace generation instead of the 8-track generation they could do worse than the rising London party girl. (Popsugar UK )

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