Makeup At The Gym: Necessity Or Narcissistic?

We hear you, ladies: We start the day with a face of makeup, get to the gym after work, and end up with a face looking like a Dalí painting. Major bummer. But if you're not careful selecting your beauty products in the morning, not only could you sweat your pretty face off, you could be doing your skin some serious damage. Our friends at YouBeauty gave us the lowdown on what products to use and what to avoid. Oil-based makeup can cause breakouts. A better solution? A silicone-based foundation, which is naturally water-resistant and non-comedogenic.
We have to say, though, we're a little surprised at how many good-looking ladies we see rocking unnecessary makeup at the gym. Sweat is conducive to breakouts, and combining that with cosmetics can be a big pain. We understand covering up a pimple here and there, but other than that, why not just take a wipe to the whole thing? And there ain't no blush like the one created from a good workout! But what say you, readers? Do you disagree? Will nothing, including the elliptical, part you from your NARS Orgasm? (YouBeauty)

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