10 Multi-Tasking Beauty Essentials To Stash At Your S.O.’s For The Morning After

After the "we're official" conversation, but before the first vacation proposal, comes one very important beauty-related question: “Could I keep a few things at your place?”

Or maybe you don’t even bother to ask. Either way, the key is to start your stash out small and efficient so you can quickly make yourself presentable for work, lunch with mom, or just the walk home — no matter what happened in the bedroom the night before. (Then, gradually add more and more things until you have jeans in the drawers, shoes in the closet, tampons under the sink... Like a frog slowly being boiled, your partner won't even realize until move-out day.)

Here, our guide to the multitasking, space-saving essentials, all of which fit into a single makeup bag, to pick as you plan your sleepover supply kit.

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