Make Up For Ever’s Latest Campaign Serves Up Major Festival Inspo

Photographed by Make Up For Ever
Wearing colorful eye makeup in the summer is a catch-22. On one hand, you can finally use all those bright liners you've been eyeballing for months. On the other hand, if you go anywhere except an air-conditioned room, you'll probably sweat them right off. And we're guessing rainbow-colored raccoon eyes wasn't the look you were planning for your music festival or outdoor shindig. Make Up For Ever knows that the sweaty makeup struggle is real. So in solidarity, the brand created four eye-makeup looks using its new Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliners. All 20 shades of the eyeliner are smooth and creamy, but once they're on — they're on. So bring on the pool parties, fan misters, and mosh pits. Check out the looks below, then head over to Make Up For Ever's site to see step-by-step tutorials for other fun, festival-inspired beauty looks.
Perfect For: A Poolside Jam Sesh (Above)
Ground these purposeful, artistic smudges of blue, purple, gold, and lavender liner with some black liner, too. But keep the black in your inner waterline and as close to your lashline as possible.
Photographed by Make Up For Ever
Perfect For: An Outdoor Concert
Strike through a standard smoky eye with two crisp, vertical white lines. Finish off each line with a few dots, if you want. The impact is dramatic, but it couldn't be easier to do.
Photographed by Make Up For Ever
Perfect For: A Long Day At The Festival
Dots, stars, or hearts — it doesn't matter. Just pick a few of your favorite eyeliner shades and doodle away. The shapes will stick around like a tattoo (but still come off at the end of the day).
Photographed by Make Up For Ever
Perfect For: A Late-Night Rave
The key to making sure a white eyeliner look pops is giving it something to, well, pop against. Layer on a mix of your favorite colorful eyeshadows, then define your inner waterlines with black liner. Make sure your white liner pencil is sharp so you can trace the cat-eye with medical precision.
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