Why You Should Rethink Your Social Profile NOW

First impressions are important. Well, they used to be. In this day and age, your social media impressions are what people actually see first. Think about it: How many times have you looked someone up, only to discover a series of offensive, unfunny tweets or pics from the weekend that probably shouldn't live in infamy? Or, vice versa, the person is virtually nonexistent online, leading you to wonder if they're even real. It's bad enough to see these Google-stalking letdowns when you're digging deeper on Tinder. But when it comes to your career, sometimes search results are all it takes for HR or a recruiter to consider you a potential candidate — or not. Before you start googling yourself and sorting through your privacy settings, check out this handy video we created with Clinique to show you the importance of putting your best face forward on social media. Now that's something worth favoriting.

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